About The Question, “Does God Exist?”


I have observed a new and growing pseudo sophistication amongst young Lagosians. Especially the educated ones. And it is about being openly “Atheist” in this traditionally God-believing country, Nigeria.

With very little verification of their own beliefs, these non-believers appear only propelled by the argument that religion and all proponents of faith in a higher being are just delusional and lacking, of course, in evident logical proofs.

But, for most of these folks, especially those who once were either Christians or members of other persuasions, their unbelief seems to be born out of the ongoing phenomenon of man’s fantastic misrepresentation of God. In essence, they are merely rebelling against the insanity of it all.

If you are a believer like me and you get the simplicity of Jesus’ message to the world, you would see how terribly a great part of the church has gone off the mark. You won’t believe the stark deviations if you were to make clear comparisons between the early church and the church now.

Thus, in light of all the gimmicks, misappropriation of funds, child molestation, holier than thou-ness, materialism and so on, you’d surely find some empathy in your heart for those who have now changed sides. For it is only human to react, however, it may seem.

So the aim here is to encourage us, whatever we believe, to find out “certainty” for ourselves because it is completely insane to depend on the devices of men to confirm or disprove the existence of God. And even though, we never get to satisfy our curiosity fully, with a balance and careful investigation, through an unbiased lens, we will and must come to a point where we should know for sure.

A popular verse in the Bible asserts that if we ask it shall be given, seek and we will surely find, knock and the door will be open to us. I believe this is true not just within the Christian context but in everything else.

And just in case, we might all be wondering why this is important, I think being unclear and unsure about the matter of God’s existence is a dangerous thing, considering the purpose of life, or lack of it.

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