She’s Gone

Abstract Girl - Credit Desktop Nexus

Life could be blatantly horrible.

Most times, there is no way of understanding why bad things happen, and that hurts.

I get it if a driver were to lose control due to excess alcohol levels. Or if a group of armed robbers got themselves killed in a shootout with the police. But for a good-natured young lady to intentionally kill her self by drinking a bottle of SNIPER DDVP insecticide is incomprehensible.

Though I didn’t know her very well, I always noticed Haleema* whenever I visited the market for my cake supplies. The stall in which she sold plastic items for parties and home-use was just next to the cake shop. However, even if her spot had been far down the line, her beauty and warmth would have still been conspicuous.

I spoke to her once, over what type of plate I should buy for serving desserts. Being my first catering gig for a wedding, I needed all the help I could get, and I did get it in the most stellar of customer services.

Now, pointing out how nice she was in being patient with me that day is not an attempt to insinuate that if she had been nasty to me, losing her to suicide wouldn’t have mattered.

I believe every life is important and it is a sad thing to lose a soul at their prime. With Haleema* I had a glimpse of the goodness in her, and it breaks my heart that she’s gone forever. However little my time was in her space, her life mattered not just as a person but as a blessing to others.

Nobody was certain about why she gave up and took her life. Everything seemed perfect, until the day she came to the market only to buy the thing that would aid her death.

According to accounts given by her fellow market sellers, she was clearly sad and withdrawn and only gave monosyllabic answers. She seemed only interested to get back home, as though in a hurry to die alone.

Just like that, a life of 21 years was brought to a shocking end. And at that end, I couldn’t help feeling some regret at her untimely death. I wished I had been her friend. Closer, we might have talked about everything, and maybe, in the love and trust of friendship, we might have averted death, for a little bit longer.



Photo Credit: Desktop Nexus

2 thoughts on “She’s Gone”

  1. This is so unfortunate. It’s becoming way too common. The other day it was a 16 year old undergraduate who took sniper and killed herself. May she (will she) rest in peace. Sometimes I wish I had all the answers to hard questions.

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    1. That’s my sentiment exactly: “Sometimes I wish I had all the answers to hard questions.” It is so sad when these things happen and we find we can only grapple with the questions with no respite of meaning or understanding.

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