A Sudden Punch and Broken Glasses

Out of sheer frustration, I once broke my kitchen window glass with my bare hands – it was a particularly sharp and sudden punch if I remember correctly.

I was mad over finding out too late that a certain new and highly recommended syrup that I had used already didn’t do very well if kept in the refrigerator… because if mixed with the moisture generated in the cold box it turns watery and thereby affecting the integrity of the whipped cream frosting.

In this case, the frosting had become something like a mudslide. The once gorgeous cake had become ugly and clearly unpresentable for the wife of my client, and it was already time to send the cake out.

I am not a violent man. In fact, very few things can ruffle my quiet and gentle demeanor, for I am your quintessential laid back kinda guy.

However, when it comes to cakes, I occasionally lose my mind because of how critical it is that everything goes well. For Pete’s sake, I got customers to please.

The above scenario was especially perplexing because the cake made was a romantic gesture from a husband to his wife. Think about it, why would I want to mess things up where love is involved?

Fortunately for me, I had the good sense to calm my nerves and redo the cake, though I was a little behind schedule.

In the end, I can say it was worth it. Nothing beats being able to put a smile on other people’s face. It is for me, as a baker, the perfect icing on the cake😉.

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