My Feelings Are Terrible Masters


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I have for long held to the belief that my emotions should be directly under my control. And as inspired by the letters of Paul the Apostle, I choose not to be mastered by my feelings.

Not because they are bad and disgusting. More than anything, they are in themselves natural and normal to have. But, as we all know, if left to run wild, unchecked, we become our worst selves.

Usually, out of desperation, most folks do things that are completely out of character and sometimes base and demeaning. You find values, principles, and common sense kicked out the door.

And the popular excuse is to blame our humanity. For “it is only human” to lose control and authority over how we face bad situations. No, I think we can do better, at least for most of the time.

However, I am not saying it is easy and straightforward. I will be the very first to confess that I haven’t been absolute in this decision, many times I have been shamelessly reactive and impulsive.

So it is my belief that self-mastery is a process. We must be kind and patient and at the same time tough with ourselves to improve, drawing from the veracity that we are our own masters, by the grace and sufficiency bestowed upon us by God.

It is a choice we can and should make for the rest of our lives. We all deserve to enjoy staying strong, positive and undeterred.


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